Lego Safe

Introduction: Lego Safe

Hello this is my lego safe that i just made, this might seem similar to other designs, but that's cause i got this idea from other people and putting them into my own design.
It just has a key lock.
If several people want me to show how to build it i definitely will
Pic order:
1 Front of the safe where the door is the hole on the bottom right side is where the key goes which the key is on the left side of the safe
2 the door when its opened after the key is put in
3 Left side of the safe where the key is at
4 Back of the safe yo may not be able to see it but a black piece at the bottom left corner has a hole in it which is where the key goes to lock the safe.
5 The right side of the safe theres nothing important here
6 Upper view of the safe where i put money into but other people can decides to leave this out
7 When the top door is opened the hole where the money is put in is revealed.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

     Hey! Tis is, by far, my favorite Instructable. Can you please tell me how to make it?