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Introduction: Lego Ship USB Stick

This has been done loads of times so far, but who cares? Not me I love playing with Lego,

I carry around in my laptop bag a USB micro SD card adapter and the case has fallen off and it is getting damaged and I decided today to make an enclosure/case for it.

So I popped round to my local Hackspace ( HSNotts ) and spent half hour rummaging around to see what i could use/adapt/butcher for my case and I found a tub of LEGO, and so here we are and this is what I did.

Things we need:

  • Lots and lots and lots ( or just enough! ) Lego
  • A donor USB stick, mine was a micro sd card adapter with a 4gig card.
  • Superglue
  • Imagination.
  • Blue Tac / plastercine ect

How we do it.

  1. Get your donor USB stick and strip the existing case off so all you have is the inner workings
  2. Grab your pot of Lego and just build till you get something you like.
  3. But don`t forget we need a way to fix the stick so it stays in place when we are using it so use some bluetac top and bottom inside your Lego case.
  4. Double check it fits in a USB socket and works!
  5. Carefully take it apart remembering what goes where and carefully glue all the bits together. In my case as it was an adapter I still needed to get to the innards if I was to change the Micro SD card so I didnt glue it around the middle. ( you`ll see in the photos.)
  7. Take pictures and post them all over the internets.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool I have a big ( vary vary vary) (not that big ) box of Legos but no USB but that's ok it's still a great (DIY) progect I would tots do this when I get a USB so I shall keep it in mind XD