Lego:How to Make Stairs





Introduction: Lego:How to Make Stairs

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Step 1: OH NO!

The package has been broken on the way to my place would you get your parts and help me rebuild it?

Step 2: Platform

Step 3: First Stair

Step 4: 2th Stair

Step 5: 3rd Stair

Step 6: Final Stair

Uh oh it's not stable!

Step 7: Platform

It's still not stable

Step 8: It's Stable! I'm Goin Up the Stairs.....Uh Whats That Noise BOOM!

ITS BROKEN AGAIN well I know how to build it know but I'll use super glue this time!



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    This is so cute! I love all the poses for the lego man. Also a nice build with those stairs! Thanks for sharing!

    Guys I'm not very good at Legos so please comment and share to your friends so we can get more views and more people playing indestructible's