Lego/Pencil Stylus

Introduction: Lego/Pencil Stylus

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In my opinion, styluses are cool and can be used to show off. They are also very convenient to use, such as to use as a writing utensil.

So for those who have a touchscreen device with no stylus, this is for you.

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Step 1: Get the Material

For the pencil stylus:

- A pencil

For the Lego stylus:

- Legos (for a cool design, use the one in the picture)

- A cone shaped lego

For both of them:

- Aluminum foil

- Scissors

Step 2: Making the Pencil Stylus

The pencil stylus is simple to make. First, cut off a piece of aluminum foil as long as the pencil and about two to three times longer than the pencil. Place the pencil's edge next to the foil's edge. The foil should be put past the eraser as seen in the picture. Wrap the foil around and try to press the foil flat, around the eraser, making a ball-tip stylus from a pencil and foil.

Step 3: Making the Lego Stylus

Take the cone-shaped Lego and wrap it entirely with foil, leaving some space at the bottom but flattening the foil at the tip of the cone. Now connect the cone to the missile-shaped Lego, which is attached to the axle-shaped Lego. Attach the entire piece into the final Lego's hole, finishing the stylus. Adjust the length of stylus by pushing and pulling the axle-shaped Lego in and out of the base Lego.

Step 4: Use the Stylus!

Now with two styluses, fit to your needs, flash it off to your friends and use it heart's content!

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