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I've been looking around instructables for lego guns, and a lot of them require hard to obtain pieces, so I made a really simple Lego gun (not automatic) that fires rubber bands over 40 feet!

This is my first instructable, so please help me improve my creation!

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Step 1: The Handle

The Handle is extremely important. In one of the pictures below, you can see that thereis an indent. That indent is 2 spaces deep, one space wide, and two spaces high. A space is the little bumps on the tops of bricks. The indent is so that the trigger can be pulled back far so that the rubber band can slide off.

Indent dimesnions - 2 spaces deep, one space wide, two spaces high

Handle Dimensions -4 spaces deep, three wide, five spaces high (with a 1/3 brick on both ends to keep it together.

Step 2: The Trigger

Okay for the trigger you need two 16 x 1 bricks with the holes in them (See the white brick in the picture) and two 140 degree joint peices (the beige ones). Then, you put a rubber band around the little peg (the ball thing) and around the trigger (to counter-act the pull of the ammo rubber band). After that, its pretty straightforward.

Step 3: The "claw"

Basically the gun is a rubber-band shooter. So, to hold the rubber band in place at the tip, you use one of those little claw peices to hold it.

Step 4: Hope You Liked This Instructable!

Some extra notes-

1. Always use a stronger rubber band on the trigger than the one you are shooting.
2. Stronger rubber-bands means more power.
3. Please do not hurt anyone with this instructable. It was meant for recreational puroposes.

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    Tip 4 weeks ago on Introduction

    i was just wandering if you could make instructions and a vid

    myles keith

    6 years ago

    look at mine man it is beter cos it shoot blocks but good idear mate

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    but there is no lego tag, so i think this is ok. your right, it is not knex, but it is close to knex (lego) and it's not like he posted 300 of these things all in the knex tag.

    no, lego does not make knex, and knex does not make legos. two different company's. if they were the same company then why did knex make knex bricks (essentially legos) and just make knex and legos connect from the start? they would only lose money making both.