Introduction: Legocopter

Still waiting for the hubsan x4 body shell to come.

Determined to search for a lighter solution than the last built, the bottle tap quadcopter, I started to play with Lego...again.

So here is the result: a Quadcopter frame with technik Lego, a dream come true, Lego flying ☺

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Step 1: Motors and Electronics

I am using all the electronics from a donor broken hubsan x4 h107l.

To remove it from hubsan, you have unsolder the motors from the flight controller (FC).

Take a photo from the board before starting.

Remember that the quadcopter has 2 clockwise and 2 counterclockwise motors, and that inverting a DC motor, it will spin in the opposite direction.

So the order of the motors is important, and also the polarity of their connections.

Step 2: Mounting the Frame

Well I am not going to describe each step to build the frame. Use your imagination and available parts.

The middle part frame holds the battery and flight controller. At the same time increases the rigidity of the whole body.

Motor mounts are made of a micro drip irrigation sprinkle.

Respect the length of the motors wires.

Step 3: Gluing the Top Arms

I noticed that the Lego part near the motor holder should be glued in order to not disconnect on a crash.

Step 4: Almost Done

Mount the flight controller on the middle, the motors on the motor mounts and the leds around the motor mounts. You can use the led wires to hold the flight controller in place wrapping it on the cross axles.

Wrap around the flight controller with duck tape right-left direction and use 2 elastics bands on front-back direction to hold the battery. This will keep the frame tight together

Step 5: Conclusions

This frame is light. All together is 1g less than the hubsan body, which is quite good. It is much more balanced than the bottle tap one.

It is a bit longer than larger, which helps identifying the position while in the air. Due to this fact, also the flight experience is a bit different rolling and pitching. The flight controller handles this very well.

The only drawback are the motor mounts. Every day it passes I feel more motivated to have a 3d printer.

Lego challenges your imagination, and it was funny to remember some good times playing Lego with friends.

Now I'm happy till the spare comes, flying with the toy.

Have fun

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