Lekku Challange in 3 Days for a Firend

Introduction: Lekku Challange in 3 Days for a Firend

About: i'm a French association we make decors, costumes, accessories and makes performances in costumes mascot To follow our manufacturings of costumes, accessories and performances going on my page FB: http...

i make this Lekku props for a friend  Maryon / Freak for french Geekopolis convention

she's FB page MARYON / FREAK  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maryon-Freak/231644020248555?directed_target_id=0

1- What did you make? 

i make this Lekku for a friend costume of  Aayala Secura for an french Geekopolis convention

2- How did you make it? 

i make this for animation and photo shoot

3- Where did you make it? (

i use extruded polystyrene and latex i make this to my workshop in my house

4- What did you learn? 

i learn nothing just i love conception and making

you can see the process on my page 


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    use spell check please, I say this from personal experience