Lekman Computer

Introduction: Lekman Computer

 I was on the lookout for a pc case that would fit in my expedit. But all pc cases have at least on of the following problems

1) ventilation on the back - no proper airflow when inside an expedit cell
2) mainboard ports on the back - when you need to plug something you will have to draw the case out, and the cables cannot pass from the back to the wall sockets without cutting the cell.
3) No case exists that can utilize all the space inside the expedit cell, either too small, or just a little larger that 33cm...

So here it comes, it's my first try so more optimizations could be possible.

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Step 1: Harvest the Parts, and Find a Configuration Best Suited.

Decide your configuration, and if you have PCI cards, and if your maindoard is small enough to leave room for a dvd. And harvest some parts from an old pc, ie the mainboard faceplate, the power suply, the switches and leds, the hard disks enclosure.
and btw the Lekman Box

Step 2: Fix the Mainboard.

Position the motherboard on the on the bottom of the lekman box so as the ports stand out of the edge, and mark the position of the spacer holes.
Use nylon spacers, (drill some holes  if the spacers have attached screws - they are better, more stable ) and glue the spacers.
Mark where you will cut for the faceplate.

Step 3: The DVD (optional)

After you have decided the position of the dvd (assuming you want one), rest it on the bottom and use the back of the dvd as a guide to mark the for the slit , not the front as it is larger,
So later to install it you can simply slide it in, mark where the screws go from below, drill the bottom, fix it in place.
The orientation is your call, depending on your desk.
PS Check that it supports vertical mounting

Step 4: The Power Supply

 It needs to be in front and up (for correct ventilation), with the supply cable out of the way, and depending on the relative position of other accesories left or right. I simply rested it on top of the DVD player, and marked where the switches, ports grilles, screws go. Try not to over-cut as you could weaken the structure of the box too much. 
BTW use a black one, and branded, I use here a lame bulk that came with the pc.
A note on safety, if your power supply catches fire... with all the wood and plastic around..., so don't leave the computer running unattended, for large periods, this is a desktop pc. And go for a power supply that not the cheapest one you can find, all power supplies say that they are "burn in" but, I don't trust anything that comes from China when it comes to fire safety, and I am not being racist, I am talking from own bitter personal experience.

Step 5: Cut the Front of the Lekman Box

You will need a CNC machine or a laser cutter, or in my case a Drill, a Jigsaw, a Rasp
the Jigsaw I used has a very thin and small blade that my sister uses to cut metal sheets in her jewelry making hobby. The blade brakes easily, cause it gets hot, melts the plastic and gets trapped. 
The general guide lines are drill holes on the corners, pass the jigsaw blade through a hole, attach the blade, connect the dots.  Cut less that you have marked, and use a rasp to perfect the slit.
This is my first try at cutting plastic so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Step 6: Finish

As from here you are ready to  assemble the box as per Ikea instuctions, slide the dvd player in place from the slit. drill some holes on the plastic bottom and screw the player to the bottom,  Place the Power Supply on top of the dvd, screw it in place from the front of the box, Connect the computer parts, And you are finished. If you feel like to add some lights ;)

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