Lemmings Costume!

Introduction: Lemmings Costume!

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This is a super-quick, no-sew, weirdly flattering costume based on the old Psygnosis game Lemmings. Nobody may recognize it, but you'll know! :)

The costume was put together in about an hour before an event (starting with the materials), so I hope you'll forgive the hasty photos.

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
• A couple of yards of a 5-foot-wide bolt of deep blue fabric. I got way too much; three yards will more than suffice.
• A lime-green boa
• Five safety pins
• Assorted bobby pins
• Underclothes (boots and leggings are a good choice, as it gets chilly and you may want to bike around or dance!)

Step 2: The Robe

Lemmings wear a sort of long-sleeved blue robe thing. I chose to handle the body and sleeves separately, for maximum ease. (This whole thing was constructed in about an hour.)

Start by holding one corner of the fabric in one of your hands. Slide your other hand down the length of the fabric, until your arms are fully extended. Since I'm 5'8", this gave me a rough square from shoulder height to the floor. You may want to vary the fabric width if you're taller or shorter.
Cut the fabric at that length.
Ignore the weird drawing (unless you really need it).

Step 3: Wrap!

Grab the corners you were just holding (or any two that suit you), holding the fabric behind you like you're playing superheroes.

Bring the sides, one at a time, across your torso and safety-pin the corners at a comfortable tension behind your neck. Cover the pin with the overhanging corner fabric. (Depending upon your bosoms, you may want to add further safety pins. I was fine without.)

Step 4: Where Do Generals Keep Their Armies?

Time to make sleevies!

These are also pretty basic. Cut off another full-width strip of fabric, wide enough to wrap loosely around your arm.

Then, safety pin as indicated below. This will gather the fabric around your wrists and upper arms, enough to hold the sleeves in place but still easy to shrug off.

You'll end up with a bit of skin showing at the back. I thought it looked nice. If you're uncomfortable with that, just make the sleeves-piece wider! (Of course, you could also safety-pin the two pieces together.)

Step 5: Hair

So, the "hair" has been depicted in various ways over the years: as a bouncy mop of pixels, what looked like tousled dreadlocks, and finally as leaves. I hewed close to my remembered image of them (version 1).

This step is perhaps the most difficult. Basically, you pin the feathers into a spiral on your head, trying not to let your fauxhawk peek through or the boa fall off. I started at the bottom, then wound inward toward the crown.

You'll look ridiculous. And amazing. Own it.

Step 6: Done!

Ideally, you would gather a group of friends to play different roles: Blocker, Bomber, Basher, Climber, Floater, Digger, Builder... you can accessorize with umbrellas or painted Hulk-hands or pickaxes. I wore this once, on my own, and then ended up running away to the East Coast without notifying my group partner -- sorry, Ping! -- who worked up an awesome Floater costume. I have apologized, and obtained permission to share his excellent version with you. :)

Next year... oh, next year... >:)

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    That brings back memories... Thanks for sharing! I think you both captured your respective Lemming with great style.