Lemon Battery




This project is to demonstrate the amount of electricity exerted from four lemons that can power LEDs.

Step 1: Gather Materials

-Four lemons
-Five alligator clips
-Four pennies from before 1982 so they're copper plated.
-Four galvanized (iron coated) screws or nails.
(Screws are featured in this picture that were used, but were found not to be galvanized and ended up using galvanized nails to complete the project)
-A blue LED that requires 3V of electricity
-Clock is optional to show further signs of electricity generated

Step 2: Placing Screws/Nails in Pennies

Take the lemon and slit a small hole in each side parallel to each other for the screw/nail in lemon (screw in picture, but later used nails).
Place one nail, me one screw parallel (about an inch part) in each lemon.


Step 3: Begin Connections

Connect an alligator clip to the screw/nail from one lemon, to the penny from a separate lemon in order to begin the conduction of electricity.

Step 4: Connect Alligator Clips From First and Last Lemon to LED.

Separate flaps on LEDs to point in opposite directions and take the alligator clip from the last lemon that is connected to the screw/nail and place it on the left side of the LED.

Then take the empty alligator clip from the first lemon (should be connected to the copper penny) and then clip it on the right side of the LED.

The LED should glow at this point, producing around 5V of electricity with four lemons.

If LED does not flow, check connections and make sure opposites are paired.

Step 5: Optional, Connect to Clock.

Connect the alligator clips from the opposit LED sides to the cables running to power the clock. The clip attached to the copper penny should connect to the RED WIRE, and the iron coated nail/screw should connect to the BLACK WIRE.

If the clock is not powered at this point, you should recheck connections.



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    5 Discussions

    Random guy028

    1 year ago

    you don’t need penny’s you can use paper clips


    2 years ago

    Pre 1982 US pennies are pure copper, post 1982 they are copper clad zinc. About 10% of the circulation is still pure copper.

    For those outside the US any piece of pure copper will work, whether it be house wiring or copper pipe.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm sorry about that! Potatoes work as well if that's any cheaper.


    2 years ago

    I've always wanted to do this with my kids! Thanks for sharing!!