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Introduction: Lemon Curd

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A co-worker brought me 20 meyer lemons from his tree and I have been having fun turning them into different delicious things. Today was a simple lemon curd. I spooned it onto small shortbread cookies and topped it with lemon thyme leaves = lots of yum!

Let's break it down...


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Step 1: Recipe + Supplies


Makes approximately 3 cups (25oz)

1 cup of fresh lemon juice*
4 tsp lemon zest
1 cup white sugar
6 eggs
3/4 cup room temperature butter (1 1/2 sticks)

*I used meyer lemons


measuring cup + spoons
medium sized mixing bowl
small food processor
electric hand mixer
peeler, grater, or microplane
citrus juicer
glass containers to store finished curd

Step 2: Zest + Sugar + Salt

Using either a peeler, grater, or microplane, remove the peel from 1-2 lemons until you have 4 teaspoons of zest.

Add the zest, sugar, and salt to a small food processor and grind until the zest is fine and well mixed with the other two ingredients.

Step 3: Juice Juice Juice!

Prepare 1 cup of lemon juice*.

*For detailed instructions of the best ways to juice lemons, visit my instructable.

Step 4: Mix + Blend

**Most recipes ask you to just put all the ingredients into a saucepan and whisk away as it heats up. While this is a quicker/simpler method, doing it the way I'm suggesting ensures that there are fewer bits of cooked egg in the finished curd, which I prefer. But if you don't mind the egg bits, you can skip ahead to Step 7.**


Transfer the sugar/salt/zest mix to a medium sized mixing bowl.

Add the room temperature butter and mix with an electric hand mixer until well blended.

Step 5: Break an Egg!

Blend the eggs into the sugar/butter ONE AT A TIME until all six have been added.

Step 6: All Together Now

Add the lemon juice into the mix.

Step 7: Whisk It Good!

Turn a front burner on your stove to JUST higher than the lowest setting and place a medium sized saucepan on the burner.

Add the curd mix* to the pan and whisk continuously until:

1. The mix heats up to just before the boiling point. You'll recognize this when a few bubbles start to come to the surface, but don't break open. (takes about 6 minutes)

2. When you drag the whisk across the surface of the curd mix, it leaves tracks (like pictured).

Once the above has been achieved, remove from heat.

*The mix will appear super clumpy at this point, but don't worry! As it heats up it will smooth out and blend together nicely.

Step 8: From Pot to Glass

Transfer the curd from the saucepan to the glass storage containers, via a glass measuring cup or pouring vessel of some kind.

Put the glass lid(s) on right away and place in the fridge to chill for an hour before serving.

NOTE: If you don't put the lid on right away, a skin will form on the surface of the curd.

Keep the curd refrigerated when not in use and consume within a week of making it.

Step 9: How to Use Your Lemon Curd

Potential Lemon Curd Vehicles:

- shortbread cookies
- buttered toast
- ricotta pancakes
- crepes
- Greek yogurt w/ berries
- tart crusts
- ice cream
- scones
- a spoon!

Great things to add to Lemon Curd:

- lemon thyme
- whipped cream
- blueberries
- granola

If you try new vehicles or serving combos that you like, please let me know about them in the comment section below!

And remember, when life gives you lemons, say thank you!

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I don't own a food processor, but I do have my Vitamix machine. Can I use that in place of the food processor? I do professional cakes and have made lemon curd in the past but I think I would like to try making yours.


4 years ago

Love lemon curd, especially on homemade lemon-cornmeal-buttermilk-blueberry muffins and on sourdough toast. It is also really good with shortbreads and oatmeal cookies.


4 years ago

My favorite vehicle is gingersnaps


4 years ago

!!! I've always wondered how lemon and lime curd were made...so cool!

I've never tried lemon curds before. Putting them on my experimental list, they look delish


5 years ago on Introduction

Those shortbreads look amazing too! Could you put up the link to the recipe?


5 years ago on Introduction


A way to make this using fewer appliances is in a large glass measuring cup in the microwave. I temper the eggs by stirring a tiny stream of the dissolved butter/sugar/lemon juice/zest liquid into the eggs while beating rapidly, then returning all back into the microwave to cook until it can coat the back of a spoon. Works well also.


5 years ago

The ingredients list doesn't say how much sale


Reply 5 years ago

Grrr, *salt*