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I love sour things, if you can't already tell by some of my other instructables! These were super easy to make, and my main intention was to test out a recipe for lime-flavored icing. Purely experimental, and a side project while I was making a different kind of cupcake, but delicious nonetheless.

First, my main ingredients included a box of Lemon Cake Mix (from Betty Crocker, of course!), the ingredients listed as necessary for the cake mix (oil, eggs, and water), Lime Juice (fresh squeezed or bottled), and Powdered Sugar.

Mix the cake! Just follow the mixing and baking instructions on the box. Pour the batter into cupcake liners, or a mini bundt cake pan (this is what I was using).

When the cupcakes are cooled (this process can be sped along by placing the cupcakes in the refrigerator), they can be frosted and decorated. To make the frosting/icing you pour some powdered sugar into a bowl (about one cup), and add a small amount of Lime juice while you mix with a spatula or a whisk. Mix until thickened, add more lime juice if it is too powder-y. Add more powdered sugar if it is too liquid-y.

When your icing is ready, spread it onto the cupcakes with a knife or pipe it on with a piping bag (round tip)!
Top with a piece of lime, or sprinkles, and enjoy these sweet, tart cupcakes!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I believe so. For work, I make a really good cinnamon roll icing with just powdered sugar, heavy cream, and a bit of vanilla. Sometimes a scoop of cream cheese. I haven't tried all liquids, but it would be fun to test a few out.

    I think in order to give it more stability as a frosting as opposed to an icing, I would add a scoop or two of cream cheese, if you are foregoing the heavy cream in favor of another juice.

    That sounds really good! Can you just mix any liquid with powdered sugar to make icing?