Lemon Peel Deodorant



I have a lemon tree, so I have ridiculous access to lemons. I usually do hot lemon tea every morning, so I have the peels leftover. I'm not a fan of deodorant, so I was searching the intra-webs, and someone mentioned using Lime for smelly pits. So, I decided that I would try lemons since I used them every day anyway.

Step 1: Use Left Over Lemon Peels.

Juice your lemons or lime and just rub the inside of skin on your pits. It is also good to keep your hair down in your pits, because that just gives more surface area for those bacteria that feed off your secretions and make the odor.

Step 2: Use a Hair Dryer, So They Dry Out, and Aren't Sticky.

I was amazed that my armpits smelled amazing for well over 24 hrs. It is crazy to think that this secret is being kept from the general public. Haha.

Step 3: PROS

It costs nothing or close to nothing if you have to buy lemons, which are cheap; it doesn't have irritating chemicals, it smells good, and it is natural. Woot!



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