Lemonade Stand


Introduction: Lemonade Stand

A very cool lemonade stand made out of simple wood a couple tools. It also includes designs for an optional overhead banner.

For the full set of instructions:

Step 1: Plan Your Business

Step 2: Buy Your Materials

Here is an image of all the materials you will need to build the lemonade stand.

Step 3: Cut Your Wood

Step 4: Assemble the Pieces

Follow the diagrams.

Download the full plans at http://www.familycapers.com/projects.html

Step 5: Paint It

Paint the tabletop green and all the pieces yellow.



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    Looks like great fun, but, I can't read the text :(

    2 replies

    click the (i) in the top left of the image then select the largest image size and then click on the image again. Instructables team, while given users the options for all these different sizes is functionally doable its not very usable. Recomend placing an icon beside the (i) that looks like a magnifying glass and is a direct link to the largest size Oh.. love this instructable.. well done B-Brothers!