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Introduction: Lenfiber Recipe

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What is Lenfiber ? Lentil & Soup fiber !

This is a fast & easy food that everybody can make it .
Writing intro for foods is so hard for me , because you should eat the food to know what is it ! ^.^


Note : My pictures have high-quality , but when I upload them on Instructables they become low-quality . So please download this file , if you want have high-res pictures . (1.5 Mb) :

Download high quality pictures !

Step 1: Ingredients

For each person :
  • Lentil : 250g
  • Soup fiber : 100g (dried)
  • Mushrooms : 3 digit
  • Lemon
  • Thyme
  • Mint : Dry / Fresh
  • Salt
  • Olive : 2 digit
  • And other condiments you wish .

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

Fill a small pot from water . Then add the soup fiber & lentil to it .

Step 3: Cook

Put the pot on the fire for 45min . Then unload the pot to a dish .
Now it’s ready to decorate !
  • Note : If you don’t like very soft soup fibers in your food , you should add the soup fibers , 20min after lentils .

Step 4: Decorate

- Cut a small part of pepper & chop it .
- Cut the lemon from middle and add a few of its water to dish and put the other part inside of food .
- Chop the mushrooms : Chop them with the model you wish .

Step 5: Serve !

Now your food is ready to eat !



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    Are enough good , but I take high-resolution , and here they show like a beginner photographer !

    Your images are only vga 640x480. What high resolution are you trying to work with? I have uploaded 12 megapixel photos without any problem. Try different file formats like gif, jpeg, etc to tweak how they look.

    My original picture was 2816*2112. I don't have any problem with a 640*480 picture. It's so good for a webpage. But my problem is other thing: Instructable make the pictures low quality. That can make problem in some Instructables. For example in my new Instructable ,I need to show my desktop and programs to the visitor, but the Instructable made my pictures low quality automatic. That made many problems for me.
    Also I should say, that's a good idea for many Instructables and a problem for a few! :)

    Is it your mean of page a blog or website ? If it is I have my own (Fa language!) , but I like instructables more !
    There is no reason , I should have low resolution images here ! NP !

    What is soup fiber? I don't think I've seen it in US markets. Is it a pasta product or maybe just shredded tree bark?

    2 replies

    I took two pictures from that material , in Iran we have a name for it that means soup fiber , but really I don't know what is the correct translate of it in English ! Maybe you can give it a name .