Lens Creep Fix for Canon EF 28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM




For lens with wide zoom range, it's not unusual that lens creep will happen sometime in its life. This phenomenon occurs as zoom ring loses friction and cannot hold the weight of the large front element. Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM is one of those lenses that have this problem.

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Step 1: Material: Elastic Hair Band

All you need is an elastic hair band. The type required for this fix is the flat one as regular rubber band is too thick. The one I use is Goody black elastics. For aesthetic, I'd suggest using black one as it blends in with the lens.

Step 2: Get the Elastic on the Lens

Slip the elastic on the lens. Make sure that the whole elastic rest flat around the lens between focus ring and zoom ring.

Step 3: Slip the Elastic in the Crack

Slip a part of the elastic in the gap of the zoom ring. I'd suggest not the whole elastic band as it will be easier in case of removal. This is why regular rubber band won't work as it will be too thick to slip into the crack. If you happened to slip the whole elastic band, you may have to use tweezers to get it out.

Step 4: Voila!

Lens no longer creep! At maximum zoom length pointing up the lens no longer collapse on its own weight. The result may vary depending on the condition of the lens.

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12 Discussions

Sorry but i wont do that, by the years and use the rubber dissolves and get into the glass, making the lens worse than ever to fix!


4 years ago on Introduction

This advice/tip just renewed my faith on bloggers and this site. I was ready to send this great lens (sans the lens creep) back to the Canon Factory for repair. Ingenious and cheap remedy to an annoying problem with this lens. In short, I think I'll keep this wonderful lens after all. Thank a million!


6 years ago on Introduction

I agree this must be the most annoying side effect of zoom lenses. I almost sold my 28-135mm because of lens creep. I googled stop zoom creep and found a company called LensBand that makes a cheap and simple solution for unwanted lens shifting. Google their name or the phrase stop zoom creep. For $5 bucks, problem solved and looking good while doing so. Good luck!


7 years ago on Introduction

Oh man! I have needed this rig for some time now. Thanks Tkcom!


8 years ago on Introduction

did this trick last night and worked perfectly. picked up the "goody black latex pony tail bands" at a local target. it was 75 bands for about $2.50. they are about an inch in diameter.

thanks for the great write up and fix!!! this creep was pissing me off.


8 years ago on Introduction

Worked like a charm, many thanks since it's been driving me crazy.

 love that lens - by far one of the least expensive of my 7 lenses and i think i'm the only person IN THE WORLD who does NOT have a creeping issue with this lens... lol... anyone know why?


9 years ago on Introduction

Finally got around to picking up some bands today ($2 for 75 at Walmart for anyone wondering) and just finished 'installing' one. Works perfectly. Thank you for the tip!

As for the knot question, while (like tkcom said) the band itself is too small to tie a knot, you could tie something around the band – whether it be a small piece of string or another band.


9 years ago on Introduction

Great idea.  I'm thinking about doing this but I have a question.  Do you think the band is long enough to tie a small knot so that there is always a spot to grab and remove the band later?  Or do you think that would cause frustration with use as you would have a bump where the knot is?  Thanks. :)

1 reply

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

When I need to remove the elastic band, I usually just use fingernail to pick the band out of the groove. My elastic band (about an inch in diameter) fits really tight so I don't have room to tie any knot.


10 years ago on Introduction

Ha! First! But a great tip. I'm just getting into DSLR's and such, and this may be useful in the future. Good 'ible, too. Short, to the point. The best way.