Lenses for a Digital Pin Hole Camera

This Instructable is not to teach you how to make a pin hole, it is how to create lenses for the pin hole you have already created. 

An old DVD player that you can destroy for parts,
Tools to open the DVD player,
Card stock,
Hole punch,
Your Digital Pin Hole Camera.

Step 1: Find a DVD Player

Start with the DVD Player.

Step 2: Deconstruct

Take off the top of the DVD player.

Step 3: Extract the Lense

Look for the device that the DVD is played in the player and remove it. You can see in all of these photos a small blueish white circle lens, This is what you are trying to extract. Beneath it is two more lenses that take some difficulty to get out but you can do it!

Step 4: The Lenses

There are three lenses in the machine. You can see then in my hand, they are small and tricky to get out.

Step 5: Making the Leses Usable

Use a hole-punch and scissors to cut out little squares and a hole in each square. Then put a small small amount of super glue around the hole and drop the lenses onto the hole. Be so careful not to get super glue on the lenses.

Step 6: Attach the Lense

Now you can use tape to tape the lens to the hole of your pin-hole camera.

Step 7: Examples

The next few slides are examples of what each lens does to the picture, all the pictures are taken of some fruit. My first example is a normal pin hole picture.

Step 8: Example 2

The square lens.

Step 9: Example 3

This lens acted like a zoom.

Step 10: Example 4

This lens worked like a macro lens.



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