Lentil Vadai's

Introduction: Lentil Vadai's

Lentil Vadai's can be made from different type of Lentils.I have tried out with  variaties of Lentils and the best Vadai's turn out with Red lentils (Mysor Dhall).
It is the same form of making with any Lentils.Here I show with Red Lentils and Toor Dhall.
The best rerults in taste will be only if you add dried Maldive fish.As a subsitute you can add tiny dried shrimps or tiny  dried sprats.But nothing to beat the Maldive fish.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 1/2  Cup Red  Lentils
2 Cups Toor Lentils
Dried Maldive fish
1-1 /2 spoon Paprika powder
 1 tea sp Turmeric Powder
Oil to fry
Onions 2
Capsicum chillies 2
Few green chillies -option
Salt to taste
Dried red chillie pieces (Not in pic) Option


Step 2: Soak & Grind

Soak the lentils  for about two hours.It need not be exactly two hours,can be a little bit more ,but not less that two hours.
Drain the water completely.Let it hang  in the strainer for a while until the water has drained fully.
Grind the lentils in to small bits and pieces.DO NOT MAKE IT A PASTE.Suppose it is dry and  you need water JUST put one or two drops only ,if needed more then gradually add in drops.If you use more water it becomes soggy and you won't be able  to make little balls and also it will crack while deep frying.
The last image shows that I have taken  a little bit from the red and Toor lentils and mixed together.

Step 3: Chopp

Cut and chopp the green chillies ,capsicum ,and onions in to very small pieces.If you are not a hot eater then  use only capsicum.

If you want you can add more onions.

Step 4: Add

Now add all the ingredients to the Lentil dough.They are chopped onions,chillies,capsicum,Maldive fish,Turmaric  powder,paprika powder,salt to taste,and mix well using your fingers.The dough should not be sticky or dry.Should be able to make little balls  using your fingers..I like to eat very hot food ,so I added some dried red chillie pieces.This is an option

Dried Maldive fish gives a very good taste.If you do not have dried Maldive fish ,then you can add tiny  dried sprats or dried little shrimps.This is a must for  VADAI'S

Instead of big onions use small red onions -The taste is much better.I did not have at the time of making it.

Step 5: Make Shapes

With one hand make small balls(a lttle bigger than a table tenis ball) or ovel shapes ,the size being a little smaller than an egg.Please do not make it thick or big as when deep frying the inside will be raw.

Step 6: Deep Fry

Heat oil and deep fry until it is a bit darker in colour.Transfer it to a kitchen tissue to absorb the oil.

Step 7: Enjoy

Here you see the Red Lentil  Vadai's Toor dhall Vadai's and both mixed Vadai's all in one plate.
Can't wait to eat...

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    10 Discussions


    7 years ago

    Great idea , i will try soon its just like felafel but with lentil .

    Yumm! they'd taste delicious with chatni :) thanks for sharing the recipe!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Welcome.Actually my husband had it with chatni.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes of course! I love to eat warm,thatswhy I mentioned eat warm.You can freeze the vadai's too.Once you take it wait until it really cools out.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for posting this recipe.I have always wanted to know this as I love Vadai