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IDK about your kids, but a couple of months after the Christmas excitement has died down and weeks before the Easter Bunny has even started dyeing eggs, my 3 and 4 year old grand kids were sick and tired of the rain and snow and wind and bored to tears. With no holiday on the horizon and desperate for an activity we could all do together, I made up a story about Leprechauns and suggested we build a trap and catch the sly litter critter! So here's the story line... We all know that Leprechauns are crafty little fellas and even with their great big pots of gold, they are still mighty difficult to get hold of. Now everyone knows they are mighty fond of gold and silver, jewels and gems...diamonds and pearls too! Pretty much anything that sparkles and shines. So if we build a trap with all the shiny glittery stuff he can't resist, why I bet we can catch him easy as pie! The legend of the Leprechaun says that if you catch him, he has to share his pot of gold with you, fair and square. You have to remember, Leprechauns are magical little creatures though, so even though he'll be able to get away after he falls in our trap, he will still have to leave half his booty behind for you 'cause you caught him fair and square, and after all, he is an honorable sort of fellow. Mostly. So lets build a super trap and get half of his goodies!

Step 1: Leprechaun Trap

First, we have to assemble our trappers! Here they are in their body socks, made from splitting the seam on old pillow cases and slipping them on over their heads. They are SOOO excited to catch their first Leprechaun.

Step 2: Assemble Your Materials

Almost everything I used to do this project came from the $1 Dollar store! You will need

1 large sheet construction paper

Elmers glue

construction paper or gift wrap ( to cover the can used for the trap)

glitter pens

loose glitter

paint brushes

colored markers

assorted garden rocks and small sticks

leprechaun loot

Step 3: Draw and Decorate Your Trap

Gather the troops and using the rocks glitter paper and your imagination, start at one corner and draw trails with signs to lead the Leprechaun up and down so many rich "gold finds" that he gets so tired he is worn out, make sure to leave signs that point the way to 'the jewel pool" and the "path to riches" and to "sparkle falls" and each leading to "The Life of Riley" or what ever cute names you can think up. Add in lots of swirling pathways and rocks he has to climb to tire him out. Paint the signs on the rocks with the glitter pens and loose glitter can be used to disguise rocks as real jewels. Cover and decorate a coffee can with the construction paper, build a ladder with the small sticks from your yard, cover the can with a sheet of paper so when he steps on it trying to see the gold inside...he falls right in!

Step 4: AND...

Viola! You caught yourself a Leprechaun! I used a potato to carve the boot prints and put them on after the kids went to bed. They got the foil covered chocolate coins, pencils, erasers, little tiny candies, brand new shiny pennies and coloring books. The Leprechaun was so mad we tricked him, he scattered post and pans on the kitchen floor and opened all the drawers on the kids dressers and he even threw the couch cushions on the floor. All of them!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cute! What a great idea to make a tiny little leprechaun trap. Thanks for sharing!

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! We had so much fun making it and then when the little booger messed up their room...they were completely beside themselves. LOL. I think it would be fun to make parts of it more permanent so they could be put away for the next trap build, you know? I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again, CJ