The Teacher Robot or De Leraarrobot



Introduction: The Teacher Robot or De Leraarrobot

Go for it! :)

Communication game

I'ts a Phone where childeren can talk to each other trough a tube with a horn.

Step 1: Communication Game

What do you need?

Glue gun
Cutter knife
(Hard) cardboard
Geometry triangle
Paper tape

Step 2: Making the Cirkels

Dimensionering, drawing and cutting out the circles. Also make the half cones.

Step 3: Making the Tube

Drawing, cutting and shaping of the tube

Step 4: Making the Half Cone

Measure and glue the half cone

Step 5: Confirm It

Confirm the tube and half cone with (a) glue (gun)

Step 6: Paints

Paint the communication horn

Step 7: Result

Confirm the tube with the communication horn

Step 8: My Machine

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