Less Materials Pocket Tissues Case




Introduction: Less Materials Pocket Tissues Case

This pocket tissue case is made from a rectangle leather, and I introduce the way to make less tools.

My text should be difficult for understand , ask me on "easy English" (but convert into "inch" yourself).

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Step 1: Tools/Materials


These are a minimum of tools for me. Add another ones as you like.

  • Cutter knife
  • Stitching Awl
  • Corky mat
  • Needles

2. Materials

  • Leather

I use 1.5mm. The thicker leather may be unsuitable. The size required is 25cm x 12.5cm.

  • Thread

I use leather sewing yarn because it was inexpensive. Use your thread you have.

Step 2: Pattern

This pattern was draw on the Japanese pocket tissue size (12cm x 8cm), so you have to adjust by your pocket tissues.

  • Big Rectangle

The size is 25cm x 12.5cm. Other parts are cut out of this Big one.

  • Small Boxes

Two boxes size is 4.5cm x 4cm. Mid rectangle size is 7cm x 3cm. It is better to take the gaps in boxes because the work will be strong.

Step 3: Attach the Side Parts

Cut out the two boxes(4.5cm x 4cm) from Big rectangle.

Stitch the parts on hems like second images.

Step 4: Make Toggle

  • Cut out the small rectangle(7cm x 3cm) from center of big rectangle.
  • I made the toggle by looking at below video.

YouTube(Japanese voice)

  • Cut the small rectangle like second image.
  • Roll the parts like third image. I didn't use punches, I use slit with cutter to pass the line.
    • Passing the line through the slit is tight , so take slit width long or use something like needles.

This toggle is small, so thick leathers may be unfit.

Step 5: Attach the Side Parts

Attach the side parts on other hem.

This part was most difficult for me because main body has been cumber for sewing.

Step 6: Attach the Toggle

  • Attach the toggle on the body like first image.
  • Slit on the body as the toggle button hole. It is enough to make slit shorter than the toggle width.

Step 7: Pack Some Tissues

That's it, try to pack tissues your work.

If you have any questions/comments about this Instructable (it's my first one) or the process, comment below.

Additionally, this instructable is being made as an entry to the Leather Contest. If you liked it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to go over to the contest and show your appreciation with a vote.



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    Nice carrying case. It is a nice design that could easily be modified to carry a lot of other things. Thanks for sharing.