Less Powerful Slingshot



I want a simple way to make a "less powerful" slingshot for my child.

U can make it within half an hour and nearly free.

1. Get a long PVC tube (u can trim it later), drill though the tube with 2 holes (so, totally 4 holes) at one terminal side.

2. soften one of the end of the tube with heat-blow gun, then use scissor to cut throw it. (or u can saw it half, and file it after)

3. Use heat-blow gun again, to bend the end into "Y" shape. (u can bend it separately), try to roll end "fork" into round shape before it cool down.

4. Wrap the PVC tube with duct tape.

5. The "pocket" is made from bag belt and rope it with 2 rubber bands (each side).

6. Connect the "elastic" part to the "fork" by means of using nylon cable ties. (hidden the node inside the fork)

7. Get some bean bags as "bullets"

**** Remember : soften the PVC tube will release toxic gas, do it in open area.




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