Lethal Blowgun Darts




Introduction: Lethal Blowgun Darts

Ever since I made my first blowgun I was wondering if I could make darts that would be suitable for hunting small animals ( not that I do such stuff, it's illegal in my country, but you know, it is good to know that you have a tool capable of it ). After browsing this site for a while, I found two very impressive instructables and used elements from both. Check them out, they are a superb piece of work :-) My thanks and respect to their creators: ostomesto and Kaiven.



Attention: DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE!!!!!! Those darts can cause fatal injuries so please use them with caution.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:


  • bicicle spokes ( they must be perfectly straight )
  • duct tape


  • hot glue gun
  • permanent marker
  • scissors ( rather small ones, as they are more precise )
  • sandpaper ( I used 133, it works wery well )
  • belt sander or drill with sanding extension ( optional )
  • hammer ( again smaller is better )
  • metal hacksaw
  • flat and solid ( preferably metal ) surface

Step 2: The Spoke

  • Wire coat hanger was used in original instructable by ostomesto, but as I didn't find any at home, I used what I had. Both spoke and coat hanger have the same diameter, only materials are different ( coat hanger - steel, spoke - alluminium ), but I had no problems with these darts, they penetrate very well and they don't rust. Just use what you have by hand :-)
  • Using the saw, cut the spoke into pieces 8-10 cm long.
  • Now you need to make one end of each piece flat, as flat tip makes more damage when it penetrates tissue, and is therefore better for hunting purposes ( the same goes for hunting arrows, check them out and compare with ordinary sport arrows to see what i mean ).
  • Hold piece of spoke by one end and place the other end on a flat metal surface. Then keep hitting it with hammer until it's flat as razor. Allways turn it around after few hits, otherwise your dart won't be straight.
  • Finished product should look like a very very thin ( not necesseary symmetrical ) flat screwdriver.

Step 3: The Tip

  • I recommend using some electric - powered tool for sanding. You can also do it manually, bud good luck with that - it'll take forever to finish.
  • Keep in mind - safety first!!! When sanding, never hold the spoke with sharp end pointing on your body and allways make sure that segment of sandpaper you use for sanding is moving (or rotating ) away from you. Otherwise the spoke may get stuck, bounce off and injure you!!!
  • First, sand the flat end of your dart into a leaf shape.
  • Then sharpen its edges.
  • Try to push the dart trhough a piece of cardboard, an apple or any other relatively soft material, it should go smoothly.
  • Dart body is finished, it's time to make the cone...

Step 4: The Cone

  • This design was originally created by Kaiven. I have seen many various DIY darts but I consider this design the best. It's flexible, durable, fits in the blowgun very well plus it is water resistant ( which is extremely important as your breath contains a lot of moisture ).
  • Follow the steps sown in the video. I can´t explain them with my current language skills so just watch :-).
  • Now you need to adjust the size of your cone to ensure it fits perfectly into your blowgun. Put the 'sharp' end into the blowgun and push it gently with your finger.
  • Using a permanent marker, draw a line around the cone in the place where it meets the blowgun's barrel. Make sure that the cone is centered before you draw the line.
  • Cut out the excessive material. I reccoment not cutting precisely by the drawn line, leave some reserve. Then try to fit it in the barrel and cut out just a thin circle. Repeat until you are satysfied with the result. The cone should fit in without creasing but avoid making it too loose. Keep in mint that it has to be able to hold the weight of the spoke without moving in the tube by itself.

note: I had some problems with uploading the video, so in case it doesn't work on your device chceck the original instructable.

Step 5: Assembly

  • While the glue gun is pre-heating, cut out a small piece of the cone's tip. The diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the spoke. Then stick the spoke through that hole ( sharp end first ), but only circa halfway.
  • Apply a small drop of hlue on the dull end of the spoke and push the cone to the glue drop. Be careful, don't let the cone slip off of the spoke, leave some reserve ( 1mm ).I also recommend applying a very small amount of glue around the line where the spoke meets the cone. Keep centering the cone until the glue solidifies.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Now you can try what these darts are capable of :-). Use them with caution and please feel free to express your opinion in the comments, this is my first instructable. Thank you for checking it out.

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4 years ago

A Dremel or similar rotary tool would be ideal for the sanding/sharpening process, and give you much finer control.


Reply 4 years ago

I know and I plan to buy one after I graduate and earn some money in a part time job, anyway thank you for your feedback.