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In this series I will show you how to build a basic hardware synthesiser for under $100. Link coming soon.

Step 1: Let's Build (Oscillator)

In this Let's Build tutorial I outline the steps required to build an Oscillator. Waveforms such as Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Pulse and Ramp is what this I.C is capable of. Links for the components and schematic are below. (Coming Soon)

Step 2: Let's Build (LFO)

Following on from the last video, this Let's Build tutorial will show you how to connect an oscillator to a Voltage Controlled LFO I.C. I have also covered the steps required to construct the LFO circuit. (Schematic coming soon)

Soundcloud demo:https://soundcloud.com/traxolotl/lfowav

Step 3: Let's Build (LPF)

This Let's Build consists of constructing a simple Low Pass Filter. This is a very easy build that only requires a basic understanding of components.


Step 4: Let's Build (Sequencer)

This Let's Build tutorial outlines how to construct a 4 step sequencer. Using the same configuration + 4 additional 10k potentiometers, an 8 step sequencer is also possible.

Soundcloud Demo: https://soundcloud.com/traxolotl/8-step-sequencer-1wav

Step 5: Let's Build (Summary)

That's it for now. Thanks for watching. Big shout out to my mate Declan for teaching me the ins and outs of basic electrical engineering. Without his knowledge I wouldn't have been able to do this project.

Link to his Instructable will be up as soon as he makes one.



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