Let's Forge a Hammer

Introduction: Let's Forge a Hammer

We are just a couple of friends who love shooting how to videos with a touch of funny. Our goal i...

In this episode we participate in forging a Hammer! We show you the process of forging a claw hammer. Colin from Fungtional Forge gives us a peak at how its made and what it takes to blacksmith a hammer from scratch. It was his first ever claw hammer build and i was truly honored to capture the entire experience.

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Step 1: Find a Blacksmith!

First i called up Colin with Fungtional Forge!

Step 2: Start With a Blank.

I then rushed over and he recommended that we start with a metal steel blank

Step 3: I Then Recorded the Entire Process

In HD on the Youtube

Step 4: Squish It!

WE then smashed it into a rough shape

Step 5: Squish It MORE!

We than continued smashing this bad boy

Step 6: All the While..

Heating it repeatedly in a coal forge.

Step 7: Hammer TIME!

He then beat the snot out of it with another hammer that he also made

Step 8: Final Product

And then after hours and hours of sweat and beer, the new claw hammer was ready to be put into use! What a day! Watch the video for all of its amazingness!



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