Let's Grow Up and Make Own Succulent!




Introduction: Let's Grow Up and Make Own Succulent!

About: I love make things in my free time!!!! Thank you for watching my instructables.

Although my pictures are strange and bad, if you make it by following all of these steps, you can know that it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Let's start now!!!!

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Step 1: Simple Info About Succlent Plant.

Today, because people use car frequently, air pollution is becoming big problem which human have to solve. But we can solve this by doing liitle things in every business. Can you guess one way to solve air pollution? There can be many ways, but growing plants is the most simple thing, the most easiest things that you can do. As you know, plants can solve air pollution. I recommend you to grow SUCCLENT PLANTS. The reason why I recommend you to grow succlent plants is that it is small and even is harmony with anyplace that you put it. As you know, plants can solve air pollution. It can reduce pollutent in air, and aborb CO2.

Now, I will tell you how to grow succlent plants, and how repotting it. Trust me, and please follow me. Let's start.

Step 2: Meterials for Making It!!!

Meterials: 1) SOIL to plant succlent plant

2) FLOWER POT OR SMALL BOX to put soil.

3)DECORATING ROCKS to make it beautiful

4)NEWSPAPERS to prevent ground getting dirty because of soil.


If you are ready, let's get start it!!!

(If you have 7~10$, you can buy these all things!!!! ; because I had all meterials in my house, so I didn't pay for buying things)

Step 3: Let's Put Soil to Pot!

If you prepared flowerpot and soil, please put soil to pot about 3/7.


Make small hole to soil, and plant succlent plant. And keep putting soil to pot until it become full of soil. If you were done, please press to soil so that plant will not come out.

_CAUTION_ you should not trash it's fine roots whether it looks ugly,,,, yup!!!

Step 5: Let's Decorate It Beautifully!!

Some people may like natural state, but I like decorated one. If you finished planting succlent plant, then scatter decorating rocks on soil. It may looks more beautiful I think!!!!

If your succlent's roots is too long, then you have to cut with garden shears. Make sure that your plant's roots is enough long.

Step 6: You Finished!!!!!

Now, you have your own succlent plants.

Put it on your desk, or your dinning room. It is good!!!!

It was very easy steps. If you want to do more difficult things, please practice many times. Although it is difficult at first time, you can do it when you try hard.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I love the purple rocks with the white bowl. I think I might try brightening things up like this. Do you have any suggestions for rooting a succulent from a cutting. Mine keep dying.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Please plant it as quickly as you can. Or, spary little water to it.


    3 years ago

    These are lovely. Where did you get those decorative rocks? They look like amethysts.

    Also, for the lady having problems with the cuttings: I use rooting hormone, which is available in any big box store with a garden section. A small jar costs about $5, and should last forever. Dip the root end of the cutting in the hormone, the smush into damp soil that drains well. I usually use Miracle Gro Potting Mix that feeds for six months. I only water my succulents once a month, but we live in New England with its moist air. I do make sure the soil is rather dry before giving it a drink. I fertilize once a year at half the strength mentioned on the fertilizer bottle. I hope these hints work for you, as they work for me. My succulents keep outgrowing their pots.

    Also, thank you to the original writer for sharing this instructable on succulents.