Let's Make a Clap Switch Circuit

Introduction: Let's Make a Clap Switch Circuit

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Clap switch circuit or clapper(the commercial version) is a sound activated switch that turns a lamp,light on and off

by clapping your hands or snapping your fingers

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Step 1: The Clapper

The Clapper is a sound-activated electrical switch,sold by San Francisco, California based Joseph Enterprises, Inc. Robert E. Clapper, Sr., and Richard J. Pirong marketed the clapper with the slogan "Clap On! Clap Off! The Clapper!".
The Clapper plugs into a US-type electrical outlet, and allows control of up to two devices plugged into the Clapper.An upgraded model, known as the Clapper Plus, includes a remote control function in addition to the original sound-based activation

Step 2: Diy Clap Switch Circuit for Lights

We find a cheap diy clap switch circuit for lights,in the electronic projects for beginners series that can turn a light 4-40w incandescent bulbs on /off by clapping your hands.

This diy electronic kit containes:

1 X PCB Board (color will be shipped out by randomly )
4 X IN4007

1 X MCR100-6

1 X 3mm Diffused red

1 X 9014 transistor

1 X 470UF 25V Electronic Capacitor

1 X 47UF 25V Electronic Capacitor

1 X 5528 Photoresistor

1 X 0.25w 100KR Metal Film Resistor

2 X 4.7KR 1/4w metal film resistor

1 X 1MR 1/4 watt metal film resistor

1 X 1KR 0.25 watt metal film resistor


Step 3: Sound Activated Switch

This sound activated switch is nearly done after we have assembled all the components it is easy to build,but also is very dangerous because is connected to the mains voltage 120v/220v so be very careful DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE WIRES OR COMPONENTS WHILE IN USE.This is not very safe .

The lamp with the DIY KIT works at night and need Voice trigger it
This is an Electronic DIY KIT , some soldering experience is required

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is provided with the DIY KIT and it needs to be soldered

All required electronic parts are provided

The bulb lights only in the dark and with sounds , after a while without voice ,it will light off .

Use a Multimeter or check color to distinguish the Resistor


Working voltage : 220V

Lamps : 5-60W ( LED Energy -saving Lamps can't be used )

PCB Board Size : 3.2x2.4cm/1.26x0.94inch

Step 4: Sound Activated Clap Switch Diagram

Sound activated circuit diagram from this kit but there are lots of faults in this design,i found out that if the mic is bad wich it might happen due to the poor quality of manufacturing the circuit stays on,andif you flash a light in the sensor it goes off so can be used as a night light sensor.

Step 5: Clap Switch Conclusion

Basically, it is a sound activated switch circuit that has a condenser mic that picks up the sound converted in electronic signal and then is passed to the transistor that switches on the led light,in this case the 220v light for a period of max 1 minut.This is a clap on circuit already designed so we have to just assemble it.A more advanced clap on switch will follow in the next episodes because this one is dangerous and not well made

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