Let's Make a Gameboy Shadowbox

Introduction: Let's Make a Gameboy Shadowbox

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Abstract: What happens when you want to hang your old Gameboy consoles, using a shadowbox, and go online and realize that is not really any detailed information about, actually, how to do it in a proper way.That's the position I found myself into it, after several searches, I couldn't find anything that was useful for me. I wanted to:

  • be simple;
  • easy to implement;
  • not be permanent.

So, in short, I wanted to have a way to be able to install my Gameboys on a shadowbox and be able to remove from the box and play anytime I wanted, not that I will do that but that's my goal.

This Instructable is my version of that, even though it is not perfect, it does not cover all Gameboy models (yet), it is perfect so far :)

Idea: The idea is simple, attach the Gameboy to the shadowbox using magnets. Simple, right? So after I draft some ideas on how to implement I order some components and started making it.

Step 1: How It Works?

Here's a short video!

Step 2: What Are You Going to Need?

Here's my simple list:

  • 20 x 3 mm Hole 5mm N35 Super Strong Neodymium Countersunk Ring Magnet Rare Earth Magnets (AliExpress);
  • 20 x 3 mm Super Strong Rare Earth Round Neodymium Magnet (AliExpress);
  • 3.8mm Security Screwdriver Bit for Gameboy cartridge;
  • #6 3/4 countersunk screws;
  • #6 washers;
  • #6 nylon nuts and regular nuts;
  • Super Glue;
  • Gameboy cartridge;
  • Shadowbox (any size);
  • Gameboy.

Step 3: Working on the Cartridge!

Here we have good news and bad news, even though it is possible to buy an aftermarket cartridge to install the magnets I found out that we are still going to need a "sacrificial" cartridge, the reason being that you are going to need the game's contacts to give an extra "grip". I started with the aftermarket part but I felt that it wasn't secure enough, the contacts offer a way better feeling. if you are planning to do it with a Gameboy DMG then you are good, since the DMG has a cartridge lock when you turn the console on.

Pictures will give you a better understanding of how to proceed.

Step 4: The Screws That Will Go on the Shadowbox!

I got a shadowbox that has a 1/4 inch thick back panel, between the board, the foam and the fabric, with that I decided to assemble in the following matter:

Screw >magnet > washer > regular nut > shadowbox back > washer > nylon washer

I also took the time to double check that the cartridge would still have clearance when inserted on the Gameboy.

Step 5: The Shadowbox Backing!

Here, this is about just figuring out how to position, mark, drill and install the screws on the board itself. I decided for rubber bands and blue tape. As you can see from the pictures I am installing 4 devices, so I have to be sure I would distribute the space properly, here I also decided to align from the top (makes life easier).

I also used some paint to help me mark the position of the magnet on the board and then drilled, slowly, making sure

Step 6: Final Results!

Hope this instructable will help you. Please like, save as favorite, share with friends, etc. :)

If you have questions please let me know.


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