Let's Make a Kunai Knife

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Hi guys here's a tutorial of casting a Kunai Knife.

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Warning:I am NOT responsible for what ever you do with the knife.This information is only for Educational Purposes!

Step 1: Making the Styrofoam Kunai

Note:Use a slightly thinner sheet to make the Kunai or you'll end up with a very fat kunai that won't penetrate anything.Also this Project involves a lot of grinding as the Kunai made by this method is rough initially.

Draw a Kunai on a Styrofoam and then cut it out using a cutter.Make the edges of the Kunai using the cutter.

Step 2: Making the Cast

Burry the Kunai in ordinary sand and use a sprinkler to settle the sand and then make a hole as an inlet for the molten Aluminium.

Step 3: Casting and Grinding the Kunai

Pour the Aluminium into the cast and wait for about 10 minutes before pulling out the Kunai using a pair of pliers.

Step 4: Making the Hole for Holding

The hole for holding the Kunia is important because it lets you swing it in your hands and do a lot of other cool styles:) :P

Use a small drill bit to make a small hole at the end of the Handle and then use a broader drill bit to make the hole bigger. Utilise a metal file to make the hole even bigger and to file down sharp edges which can cause cuts on your hands.Use a grinder with polishing disc to polish the blade.

Step 5: Now You Are a NInja.

Like the Shuriken?

Check out the video on My YouTube Channel.

Practice throwing the knife at a wooden board. After sometime you'll get hang of it and you'll be able to hit the target quite often.



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