Let's Make a Kunai Knife




Introduction: Let's Make a Kunai Knife

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Hi guys here's a tutorial of casting a Kunai Knife.

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Warning:I am NOT responsible for what ever you do with the knife.This information is only for Educational Purposes!

Step 1: Making the Styrofoam Kunai

Note:Use a slightly thinner sheet to make the Kunai or you'll end up with a very fat kunai that won't penetrate anything.Also this Project involves a lot of grinding as the Kunai made by this method is rough initially.

Draw a Kunai on a Styrofoam and then cut it out using a cutter.Make the edges of the Kunai using the cutter.

Step 2: Making the Cast

Burry the Kunai in ordinary sand and use a sprinkler to settle the sand and then make a hole as an inlet for the molten Aluminium.

Step 3: Casting and Grinding the Kunai

Pour the Aluminium into the cast and wait for about 10 minutes before pulling out the Kunai using a pair of pliers.

Step 4: Making the Hole for Holding

The hole for holding the Kunia is important because it lets you swing it in your hands and do a lot of other cool styles:) :P

Use a small drill bit to make a small hole at the end of the Handle and then use a broader drill bit to make the hole bigger. Utilise a metal file to make the hole even bigger and to file down sharp edges which can cause cuts on your hands.Use a grinder with polishing disc to polish the blade.

Step 5: Now You Are a NInja.

Like the Shuriken?

Check out the video on My YouTube Channel.

Practice throwing the knife at a wooden board. After sometime you'll get hang of it and you'll be able to hit the target quite often.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Introduction

    instead of using one hole to pour themolten mterial into, create an inlet and outlet port(tall cans work fine). thhis will cause your mold to burn and give the metal room in the sand. the preassure releae will cause your cast to be identical to the mockup


    2 years ago

    Nice project!


    Reply 2 years ago