Let's Make a Leather Card Holder!

Introduction: Let's Make a Leather Card Holder!

A hand stitched card holder.

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Step 1: Material

Leather, Templates, Glue,Leather tools, Nylon pad, Hammer, Scissor, Cutter, Scale

Step 2: Use Template to Cut the Shape. Mark the Lines With Sharp Tool.

Step 3: Cut the Inside Layers

Step 4: Minimize the Width of Edges. for Easy Sewing.

Step 5: Put Oil or Polish for Shine.

Step 6: Stick the Layers With the Glue

Step 7: Use Hole Punch Tool for Hand Stitching

Step 8: Stitch With the Nylon Thread

Step 9: Done

Step 10: Ready to Use.

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    5 weeks ago

    Nice design and leather choice! Thanks for the share!