Let`s Make a Metallophone.




Introduction: Let`s Make a Metallophone.

A metallophone is any musical instrument consisting of tuned metal bars which are struck to make sound, usually with a mallet.

You will need:

  • wood (1) 32cm x 2x1,5
  • wood (2) 60cm x 2x3,5
  • metal bar 2m x 3cm x 4mm
  • screws 16mm x 3mm
  • flat washers
  • 4 screws 5cm
  • 1 wood varnish gloss

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Step 1: Metal Bars

Cut the metal bar in 8 tracks from 15cm max-10cm min.

Cut the metal bars slightly awry about 1-2 moires to form all together a triangle.

Open holes with a drill.

Step 2: Wood

Cut the wood (1) in 2pcs 14cm and 17cm.

Cut the wood (2) in 2pcs 30cm and 30cm.

Step 3: Fitting Metallophone

  1. First count the metal bars to have equal distances.
  2. Then let's screw the screws onto the wood.
  3. Screwed 4 bigger (5cm) screws to side wood (2) to complete the fitting.

Step 4: Paint the Metal Bars

  1. Remove the screws.
  2. Paint the metal bars with colors we want.
  3. When it's dry. Screwing the metal bars in wood.
  4. Put and the flat washers (wood-->flat washer-->metal bar-->screw).
  5. Spray the metallophone with the wood varnish gloss.

Enjoy your metallophone

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    5 years ago

    this is a xylophone right?


    Reply 5 years ago

    nvm I just learned a metallophone is the metal version of a xylophone.