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Introduction: Let's Make Collective Toilet Art

About: I'm a social-worker, working with 12 - 23 year-olds. I used to be a printer. In 2018 I opened a small makerspace (www.imdib.nl) in my house, where I have lasercutters, 3d-printers, Arduino's, Mindstorms and ot…

I've always tried to inspire my guest to be a little bit creative when they are on my toilet. I did this by providing whiteboard markers next to the mirror. With this project I want to push this creativity to the next level,

It was really easy to provide my guest with a canvas and aquarel paint.

I didn't want to drill holes in my toilet door so I used fish-wire to hang the canvas.

Step 1: You Will Need


  • Canvas (2,00 euro)
  • Paint (2,50 euro)
  • Thumb nails (1,00 euro)
  • Fishwire (3,00 euro)


  • Hammer (I didn't even need this)
  • Scissors

I found the canvas, paint, thumbnails and fishwire all at a dollarstore (It was actually a eurostore), so I got this project for under 10,-.

Step 2: The Top Wire

I didn't want to drill holes in my door, so I used the fishwire to hang the canvas.

  • First knot a loop in the end of the wire.
  • Push (or hammer) a thumbnail through the loop in the top of the door, all the way to the side of the door.
  • Measure where to hang the canvas. Measure this while sitting on the toilet. It will probably be lower than you think.
  • Cut the wire so it can go from the thumbnail where it is already attached, down to where the canvas mus come and back up again to the other corner up on the door.
  • Tie an other loop on the other side of the wire.
  • Push an other thumbnail through the new loop on the other corner up on the door.
  • Check if the door will still close without touching the posts with the thumbnails.

Step 3: Add the Canvas

I bought a small size 30 x 40 cm (+/- 12 x 16 inch) canvas. A bigger size might be to intimidating to start with.

  • Push a thumbnail in every corner of the canvas, on the back of the canvas. Don't push them al the way in, but leave just enough space to catch the wire with it.
  • Hang the canvas on the upper two thumbnails on the wire that is already on the door.

I chose a landscape montage, but you can also hang it in portraid if you like.

Step 4: The Bottom Wire

You can leave it hanging on just the top wire, but I liked it a bit sturdier than that, so I attached an extra wire to the bottom of the door.

  • Make a loop again in a new piece of wire.
  • Push a thumbnail through the loop in the bottom of the door all the way to one side.
  • Put the wire over the two bottom thumbnails on the back of the canvas.
  • Measure how much wire you need to go back to the underside of the door on the other side.
  • Cut the wire.
  • Make a loop on this side of the wire.
  • Push a thumbnail through this loop in the underside of the door on the other corner than the other side of this wire. Make sure the wire has some tension.

Step 5: Finish It

To finish it, you add the paint and a brush. You could also add a note with some instructions if you think your guest might need that. I didn't do that yet.

To get them started I made a small beginning to get them inspired. I hope that is enough to get them painting.

I hope we end up with a beautiful cocreation.

When the first painting is finished I will post a picture of it.

The wire I used has enough elasticity, so I can remove a creation that is finished and hang a new blank canvas on the door.

I hope you like the idea.

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    I love it.