Letter Wall Decor With LED Lights





Introduction: Letter Wall Decor With LED Lights

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If you want something special for your wall just find a pallet get LED lights and create magic! :)

See the instructions video here!


Step 1: List of the Stuff You´ll Need

TIP: Get the battery charged LED lights - it´s safer and will look better!

Use piece of double-sided tape to stick the battery holder on the inside of the pallet.

Step 2: Staining the Pallet for Letter Color

Step 3: Applying Sticky Vinyl Letters (with a Help of Transfer Foil)

TIP: You can get these letters online for cheap and transfer foil is usually included.

Use plastic scraper (second photo left upper corner) to attach the letters to the transfer foil (and later to the pallet).

Step 4: Painting Over the Letters & Removing Them (so Much Fun!)

TIP: Use craft knife to remove the letters.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes for LED Light Bulbs

TIP: Count the bulbs first then drill :)

Step 6: Installing the LED Lights

TIP: Be very carefull with the stapling because you can damage the wire! Use tape if you´re not confident with staple gun.

Step 7: Enjoying the Result!

Looks nice switched off and even better switched on!:)



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    12 Discussions

    What a cool way to do the stencil. I have never done it that way before but I will now!! Thanks

    looks cool, but I don't like putting a tool like that towards or near your mouth to be a good idea.. interesting instructable.

    1 reply

    Hi, it´s not near my mouth that´s just a bad angle of the screenshot took from a video no worries :)

    Nice! it simple and everyone can do it. Good job :)