Lever Action Rubberband Gun - Instructions

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These are the instructions for the lever action RBG I posted a little while ago.
For more photos of the gun, you can visit the original post.

General information:
- Lever / hammer mechanism
- Holds four to five rubberbands
- Stock can be customized, as it doesn't house a single part of the mech
- Comfortable

Lets move on to the instructions, shall we?

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Step 1: Part List

This is the part list for the whole gun.

The steps have lists of the pieces needed for each individual parts of the gun.

White connectors, 8 slot - 21
Blue 3d connector, 7 slot - 6
Yellow connectors, 5 slot - 112
Green connectors, 4 slot - 28
Red connectors, 3 slot - 27
Orange connectors, 2 slot - 18
Light grey connector, 2 slot - 15
Dark grey connector, 1 slot - 11

Green rods - 255
White rods - 97
Blue rods - 21
Red rods - 3

Y clip - 5
Tan clip - 3
Blue clip - 1
Full hinge - 2
Female ball joint - 2
Bendy rod, yellow length - 1
Blue spacers - 8
Small black wheels - 6
Small rubberbands - 3 (trigger and hammer only)

Broken parts:
Rod, 3 units wide - 4 (two are optional: the lowest one in the lever, and the one in the stock.)

Step 2: Stock

Parts needed for the stock:

White connector, 8 slot - 2
Yellow connector, 5 slot - 49
Green connector, 4 slot - 12
Red connector, 3 slot - 5
Light grey connector, 2 slot - 3
Orange connector, 2 slot - 5
Dark grey connector, 1 slot - 3

Green rod - 94
White rod - 31
Blue rod - 10

Y clip - 1
Full hinge - 2
Blue clip - 1
Broken rod, 3 units wide - 1(OPTIONAL)

You can leave out the broken rod, and the two green connector that attach to it. The sloped part will be a bit more "squishy", but it doesn't affect the performance of the gun.

Step 3: Handle

Parts needed for the handle:

Yellow connector, 5 slot - 6
Green connector, 4 slot - 2
Red connector, 3 slot - 5
Light grey connector, 2 slot - 2
Dark grey connector, 1 slot - 3

Green rods - 18
White rods - 10
Flexible rod, yellow length - 1

Tan clips - 2
Ball joint, female - 2
Small black wheels - 6

The small wheels are optional, but drastically improve how comfortable the handle feels. Can be replaced by orange connectors with y clips on both ends, just wrap a rubberband around the handle to keep those on.

Step 4: Body

Important note:
The blue spacers in the hammer should go on the green rod, not the broken rod. Otherwise, the hammer will be very hard to move. (see last photo)

Parts needed for the body:

White connector, 8 slot - 19
Blue 3d connector, 7 slot - 6
Yellow connector, 5 slot - 52 (Optional: replace five of them for the metallic variant, for a grey barrel)
Green connector, 4 slot - 7
Red connector, 3 slot - 16 (Optional: replace three of them for the metallic variat, for a grey barrel)
Light grey connector, 2 slot - 4
Orange connector, 2 slot - 11
Dark grey connector, 1 slot - 5

Green rods - 128
White rods - 44
Blue rods - 11
Red rods - 3

Y clip - 3
Blue spacer - 6

Broken rod, 3 units wide - 3 (One is optional, the lowest one in the lever. Replace it with a normal white rod)

Step 5: Attaching the Individual Parts

It's the easiest when you detach all the rods connecting the stock with the body, and re-attaching them one by one. Almost done!

Step 6: Rubberbands

Grab a couple of rubberbands.
One on the trigger
One or two on the hammer
The gun will the performing the best when you have three to four rubberbands on the ratchet. Otherwise, the lever and trigger will be hard to move.

Step 7: Quick Trigger Fix

So, as mentioned in the comments, the white rod on the trigger can sometimes break off.
This is a quick, little fix that prevents the trigger from going back too far. The trigger pull will be shorter, but a lot easier.

This has worked flawlessly for me, so hopefully it'll be the same for you!

Step 8: Finished!

If you have followed all the photos, you should now have a functioning lever action rubberband gun on your own!
Tell me what you think in the comments below, and if you build it, be sure to add a photo of it!

Photo 2: The Knex Inventor's version

Should you need help with a certain step, let me know, and I'll help you out.

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14 Discussions


3 years ago

Pretty cool! I've never been able to build a multi shot knex RBG that worked right, I may have to try again.

1 reply

3 years ago

Looks like a great build! Not usually a fan of rbgs but I may have to build this :)

3 replies


I personally like them, as you can do some interesting stuff with them. I'm all out of larger rubberbands, so if I want to build something that shoots... at least something, these provide a nice alternative.

If you end up building this, post a photo as well. I'll add it to the ible~


Okay cool :) i have been pretty inactive with k'nex recently due to me being really busy! I doubt i will build it anytime soon but I might do eventually. I ought to experiment with rbg's, you can make some pretty interesting mechs as they are simpler. Also i won't get told off for making more guns hopefully XD


No worries lad, take your time. I've been less active as well due to work, other hobbies ect.

The Knex Inventor

3 years ago

Awesome gun! I think that K'NEX RBG's are largely underrated, partially because there are so many of them that are dull and un-innovative, and because most of them are so simple and usually do not shoot as far as guns that shoot K'NEX pieces. In truth, you can do some pretty neat things with them. I personally like them as well, but that's just my opinion.

I will have to build this sometime, maybe today. I will post pictures when I have finished.

BTW, is the lever action feature on this gun a working mechanism, or just for looks/replication?

2 replies


Yeah, there are definitely some interesting things you can do with RBG's.
Looking forward to see your version~

As for the lever, it does work. It doesn't directly connect to the hammer, but it pushes it back. I hope I can do a video on it soon-ish, but for now, here's a quick one that shows it working.

The Knex Inventor

3 years ago

It's great to see you posting something new! I look forward to building it!