Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Circa 1865

Introduction: Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Circa 1865

My 12 year old cousin wanted to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween and I decided to do it right.  I'm a person who researches everything and it has to be perfect.  So I discovered that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland in 1865 meaning that Alice would have had a laced up girls gown with pinafore and hoopskirt.

I used featherlight boning and wide binding for the hoop skirt and gave it a petticoat ruffle trim, made up a white petticoat trimmed in eyelet lace to go over the hoopskirt, and then made a muslin lined, blue dress with puff sleeves and white collar trimmed at the bottom in black satin ribbon with back lacing.

I created a white, double-layered pinafore with two small pockets and embellished it with light blue stitching and a skeleton key with black ribbon.  Alice wore a black ribbon in her hair in the storybooks, but ribbons never stay in real girls' hair so I covered a headband in black satin ribbon and stitched a black satin bow to the top.

Lastly, we put her in white stockings and plain black strapped shoes.  I finished her costume off with a small vile complete with a "Drink Me" label.  She was thrilled with the turn out and loved twirling in what she called her "cupcake skirt."  :D

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    4 years ago

    what an amazing job you did! You are creative and fabulous seamstress ... You paid close attention to detail and the historical time period, Brava!