Lexmark Z715 Printer Hack

Introduction: Lexmark Z715 Printer Hack

About: I am an aerospace engineering assistant in the research and development department.

Do you own a Lexmark Z715 printer? Ever have a hard time finding the right cartridge? I did, so I hacked the shite!
You will need a standard screw driver and NOTHING MORE.
That is for the hack of course. If you want to chop open your cartridges like I did, use a rotory tool. Careful though, it can be a real dogs dinner.

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Step 1: Before You Get All Twisted Up and Start Chopping at Stuff Take a Look Here.

This image is the bugger your after. It isn't in the cartridge, but in the carriage that holds the cartridge.

Step 2: This Is Where You Find It.

Simply take a standard screw driver/knife/thumbnail, whatever, and pop it out. The new cartridge that looks like the old one, yet wont fit, now will fit. That's it your done!

Step 3: Bonus Hack!!

However, now we know what the inside of the cartridge looks like, we can drill holes in the appropriate places and use refill kits!

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