"Booket" - a Library-bucket




Introduction: "Booket" - a Library-bucket

Use this adorable invention to store all those little old books you have with only one bucket and cardboard.

CD/UFPR - Rhuan F Santos

Step 1: Structure I

Cut several strips of cardboard paper, they must be on the same size.

Step 2: Structure II

Get a bucket and draw its silhouette on the strips. Cut them and glue altogether. You need to make a thick basis for the bucket (around 3 cm thick)

Step 3: Structure III

Wait for the cardboard basis to dry out, and then place the bucket on top of it. If it's steady, you can start using it.

Step 4: Enjoy

Use it to store your books and enjoy! (You can put other stuff inside too, if you want). CD/UFPR - Rhuan F Santos



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    6 Discussions

    I like how simple the design is and how it only takes a few minutes to construct!

    takes up more space than you can actually use, ugly, impractical.

    Although intuitive, this idea is ugly, and not useful at all.

    GOLD STAR award for Thinking-Outside-The-Box!


    2 years ago

    In what scenario would you use this?

    It seems like a lot of work just to have something that can only hold 4-5 books take up even more space on a desk than just putting the books down flat on the desk, plus the round bottom of the bucket will ruin the books over time (puts pressure on the spines unevenly). It looks like something I'd have my garage, not my library... I'm not sure how I would use this...

    But, the cardboard idea for holding the bucket steady can be useful in many ways if tipping a bucket over to use for easy storage is what you want to do.

    I just think I'd never put books in it.

    Very inventive! I would have never thought to put books in a bucket!