License Plate Birdhouse



About: I work as a maintenance tech. for North Dakota State University. I like to do fun little project ts around the house with my kids.

1. Get a used License Plate and poke starter holes in all for corners of the plate and every 2 inches down the length of the plate.

2. Use a 3 3/4 inch hole saw to cut two holes in 1/2 inch plywood.

3. In one of the wood circles take a 2 inch hole saw to make a wood ring.

4. Wrap the license plate around the two wood circles, and secure with screws.

You will end up with some space at the end, use a small bit of wood to fill the space, this wood will be used to screw the eye hole screw into.

5. Add a peg to the front of the bird house.

This was a quick fun 30 minute project.


Step 1:



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