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Introduction: License Plate House Number

One day it occured to me to start looking for a license plate stamped with my house number.
    It took me years to find the right one, and I cheated a little.  Flea markets and swap meets always have boxes of old license plates. I dug thru every single one, because I knew "it might be in that next box, underneath the far table, 30 deep, the last one in the stack, turned upside down and backward, behind all the others, intentionally hidden, by someone, specifically from me".  After many fruitless searches, I began checking eeb aay regularly and finally got one that was close enough.

  You Will Need:
Patience. A Big Box of It. 
A list of flea markets and swap meets
a vehicle to get to these places, gas, oil, etc.
good shoes, you'll be doin' some walkin'
a bit of luck, I'd think would be especially helpful

   You'd better really enjoy flea markets, because this is pretty much a needle in a haystack. I've gotten some REALLY good deals in the past, and that's what keeps me going back. This just became one of my "look for" items. I still look at license plates out of habit. So be on the lookout for other stuff you like, since you're more likely to find a Sweet Vintage Rodgers COB Snare Drum for Five Dollars than you are a License Plate Stamped with Your Address.
   Most boxes I picked through were "BSR 009" or some such letter and number combination. Few and far between were the numbers only plates.

   Having located a license plate stamped with your address, you will also need a nice license plate frame to go with it. Use big screws with washers to mount this directly on your door, or just nail it there.

   Now I need an LED license plate light with a battery, and my vision will be completer!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! I just saw this and immediately went to Amazon and Ebay, finding that both had vendors that sold plastic or Aluminum, license plate replicas. I ordered mine and will be bolting it to my mailbox as soon as I get it.
    well done