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Here is a quick and easy project for the weekend warrior...

I have gathered a lot of license plates in my travels and have always kept them always knowing I could make them into something some day. Today was that day! If you find yourself with a collection of license plates and a growing piles of disorganized mail cluttering up every flat surface in your home....then this could be the project for you!

Cheap, simple, efffective and it really fancies up the wall while taking advantage of the highly ignored vertical wall space!

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Step 1: Lets Cobble Together Parts!

Luckily license plates have holes all in the same place so its so easy to attach them all together! I stacked up the plates in pairs so there was a front and a back to the organizer.I had some chain laying around since I collect endless amounts of bits just for this purpose! Rope, hinges, paracord etc. could all be used as well. I looped the chain links through the holes and linked them all up.

I then glues some burlap (another bit I had aquired in my travels) so smaller pieces of mail don't fall through the cracks. Any sort of fabric should work.

Finally, I glued some simple string to hold the outer plate at a perfect angle to be oh so inviting for my junk mail.

I decided to create mental categories for each to help organize (e.g. colorado is coupons, alaska is bills, and indiana is personal mail). Fill them up and finally create a home for all that mail. Now you can admire your new functional wall art while you re-learn how to use all your newfound free space!


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    4 years ago

    Such a rad idea! Very timeless also.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Extra points on my end for having my two states' plates here. :)

    How excellent this entry is... I've had a box of a lot of license plates I found in a cabinet when we moved into this house. Now I can commence the re-purposing.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really awesome! Pity that in my country license plates were not that beautiful :(