License Plate Plack.

Introduction: License Plate Plack.

A friend of mine had a license plate that according to Michigan you have to get a new one every five years so it was obsolete. Hers did not look bad at all as her car was in the garage most of the time. So I asked if I could have it. I went to the web and found a picture of the state of Michigan (that is where she lives) and I printed a copy. I cut out the out lines of the state and using some Super 77 glue I sprayed the back of the picture and placed it on the plate. I took the upper peninsula and also found a spot that it would fit. After that I took it to my band saw and cut it out. Most plates are made of aluminum and will cut easily with a wood bandsaw.

Step 1: The Finished Product.

After cutting the state of Michigan out I placed it on a piece of Cherry that I had laying around the shop. I used my brad nailer and put some nails in strategic places and then put a coat of spray lacquer on it. Project done. This took less than 40 minutes and turned out pretty nice. Hope you like this quick idea.

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