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Introduction: Licorice Cutouts

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How to use a rolling pin and a cookie cutter to make your own custom licorice treats. I've gone for a bat here, and although it's more evocative of halloween, it can be used as a stocking stuffer for Christmas too.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this, you will need:

-A rolling pin
-A knife
-A cookie cutter (your choice of shape)
   -Usually it's a good idea to use a small cutter, not much material to work with
-Some licorice, mine came in convenient 'plugs'

Step 2: Rolling Out the Licorice

This is where it's good to have quite a soft variety of licorice to work with, here I'm using RJ's Soft Eating Licorice, which is sold in just about any supermarket here in New Zealand. If you have harder licorice it will be more difficult to roll flat, unless you heat it or some such method of softening.

Put your licorice on the surface you're working on, and roll it flat with the rolling pin. Roll it out lengthwise until it's the length of your shape, and then turn it 90 degrees and roll again, until it is the appropriate width. The second roll is generally harder than the first, because the licorice is flatter than at the start, and therefore harder to flatten further.

Step 3: Cutting

Grab your cookie cutter, as mentioned earlier, and lay it on top of the sheet of licorice, just to check the dimensions. When you've got it, Push down firmly on the cookie cutter to cut through the licorice sheet. You may have to rock and jiggle the cutter around a bit to get it to cut all the way around. After it's cut, push the finished cutout out of the cookie cutter and separate it from the spare licorice.

Step 4: Adding Details

On my bat, the ears are a little round for how I'd like them, so I'm going to make them pointier. Using a sharp knife, cut the details you'd like to add with the point of the knife.

After this finishing touch, you're done! Enjoy!

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    St Jimmy
    St Jimmy

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I was contemplating the half-empty bag of licorice and the box of cookie cutters, when inspiration struck.