Lie Ren's StormFlower (Cardboard Replica)

Introduction: Lie Ren's StormFlower (Cardboard Replica)

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Hello fellow RWBY fans!

Looking for some affordable props for your Lie Ren cosplay? Look no further! This project will provide you with my *self-made templates that you can use to cut out and build your own StormFlower replica.

*I designed the pieces based off the nicely detailed 3D model designed by the Ruiz Brothers here.

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Step 1: Materials

Things I ended up needing:

-LOTS of Cardboard (I used about a 21' x 28' piece of cardboard to make just one gun)

-Elmer's wet glue

-Box cutter


-Black (I used cheap acrylic) & Green Paint (I used Testors brand green lacquer, which I got at my local Michael's for $5)


-Printer and paper (unless you can trace off the screen like I did)

-TIME (It did take me about three days to make both guns. Granted, since I had no printer, I had to trace off my tablet screen and transfer the designs to the cardboard. Without that extra step, this would probably take around a day to complete)

Step 2: Using the Templates

I tried to organize the pieces so that they could all fit on standard printer paper. Unfortunately, pieces 1a & b, 2a & b couldn't fit on one page each, so you'll have to tape them down on the cardboard like a puzzle.

*Be wary when cutting out pieces 7a and 7b as they are a challenge to cut without accidentally tearing. My only suggestion on this is to try using scissors.

*I also suggest labeling the cardboard pieces when you cut them out so you know which piece is which.

*Please note that the above and PDF have the pieces for just one gun; you'll need to print the PDF twice for both guns.

Step 3: Assembly

Once you've cut out your pieces, you'll want to assemble them in this order. I made to thoroughly cover the surfaces with glue.

At least for the cardboard I used, all the layers were quite bulky but I was able to compress it to reduce the bulkiness.

*I did go one step further as seen in the last photo that I did not document with photos: I used some left over cardboard to cover some of the outer edges, to hide the many layers of cardboard. This just makes for a more complete look. It wasn't too hard to figure out the shapes needed to do the job, however if you really need a template for those pieces I might be able to make that. I just figured not everyone will have the same cardboard and may be better off sizing the extra pieces themselves.

**Also, for the muzzle I just used a scrap strip of cardboard, rolled it up, and stuff it in the gap for it. There are technically two muzzles, but the other one was so small I didn't bother. You could probably use a straw or something for that one.

Step 4: Painting

Ren's StormFlower is almost completely green with some black accents. First, spray whole thing green, minus the magazine. I'd say about 3 coats did the trick--stay light, as I had made the mistake of going too fast and put too thick of a layer on, which caused ugly blotchiness.

Things to paint black afterwards:


-front sight

-rear sight



Step 5: Conclusion

Congratulations! You've built your very own StormFlower--Oh, wait. Did you remember to repeat steps 2-4 so you'd have both guns? Make sure you go do that...


Now congratulations! You're now ready to go slay some King Taijitus of your own! Or, like me, make your "casual" (aka, low-budget) Lie Ren costume a little more interesting at Comic Con.

Please let me know how this tutorial went for you and if I could make it any more clear or less confusing if need be. Happy hunting!

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