Life Cycle of a Bean Plant: Kids Science Project for School

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Today I am going to show you how to make life cycle of bean

plant. For this project, materials are listed below.


1) Paper plate

2) Beans

3) Acrylic color

4) Modeling clay

5) Foam sheet

6) Hot glue

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Step 1: How to Make:

First, using acrylic color, paint the sky and ground. Then using

brown color modeling clay make soil. Now we are going to make Germination stage.

(1) Then take one bean and using hot glue make bean sprout, then color the sprout with green color. Then attach sprout to the soil.

(2) For making cotyledon, take another bean and half of the bean cover with hot glue and make stem and roots, then paint the cotyledon, stem, and roots.

(3) Next, we will make cotyledon and first 2 leaves, for that using hot glue make a bean shape and let it dry then pull it out. Then on the plate make another bean shape and attach the other bean shape, so it will look like cotyledon. Then make the stem and roots. Then paint the cotyledon, stem, and roots. Then cut the green foam sheet and make leaves and attach with cotyledon.

(4) make more leaves using foam sheet. And then make bean plant stem and roots and attach all the leaves to the plant.

We are done, our project is ready.

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