Life Hack 101: Snack Emergency Kit

Introduction: Life Hack 101: Snack Emergency Kit

About: Inspired by my cat Chili, who is full of fun and energy, I like to share about food and other home crafts with a new twist of 'chili'-fun. (This user was previously called Snowball10)

I know this life hack is extremely simple, but then there's no excuse for you not to know it. I mean, this is basic, basic knowledge in life!

When you need en energy boost or a quick snack or dessert, take out your snack emergency kit. It only consists of three items: A spoon, old-fashioned peanut butter (only blended peanuts and a bit of salt), and dark chocolate or cacao nibs.

See the next steps for the snack emergency kit user manual. Let's get started. I mean, this is vital information!

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Step 1: Snack 1

Take a piece of chocolate. Make sure to break a few extra pieces off in case one is not enough. Put some peanut butter on top of the chocolate using the spoon. Take orally for instant relief.

Step 2: Snack 2

This version is sugar free.

Take a dripping spoonful of peanut butter and sprinkle with cacao nib. Enjoy for instant satisfaction.

Step 3: Picking the Materials for the Emergency Box

I know some people might start arguing that this is not healthy, etc., etc. But let's make one thing clear: This is a snack, not dinner.

Secondly, the reason peanut butter and chocolate are often considered unhealthy is because of the sugar and refined fats they usually contain. But if you choose a good old-fashioned peanut butter made from only crushed peanuts and salt, those unhealthy aspects are avoided. Almond og hazelnut butter could also be used.

Also, the darker the chocolate is, the better, as that means it contains less sugar. You can also just follow step 2 for a completely sugar-free snack.

I encourage you to do an internet search for the health benefits of chocolate and peanut butter!

Step 4: Disclaimer and Warning

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any results these snacks might have on you.

WARNING: These snacks may be addictive.

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