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1. Photo Frames - Photo Frames are the best place to hide, just remove the screws located behind photo frames with the help of screwdriver. Take a envelop and put your emergency funds inside. You can also make your own small & handy envelop as there are plenty videos available on youtube to show you how. Keep the cover back into place and fit the screws then keep the photo frame back to its usual place.

2. Cleaning Mop - Cleaning Mop is the effective way to keep your goodies, at the end of the mop you will find the knob you can remove, you will find the inside is hollow and in place to hide your emergency funds. Once you place your stuff inside keep knob back into place and make sure its fit and not easily removable. You probably never even thought about this place to hide things before watching this video but its very effective and unusual.

3. PVC Pipe - Find a PVC pipe & end caps at hardware store it might cost you less than 50 cents. Its one of the best place to find your valuable stuff. Close one end with PVC end cap and keep your emergency funds, keys OR any other valuable stuff and close the other end with another cap. Make sure both caps are fit inf and not easily removable.

4. Empty Bottle - You will easily find any empty bottle at home, i'm using cough syrup bottle coz its not transparent and not easily considered to hide stuffs. Wash the bottle perfectly and wait for few mins to get it dry. Keep your emergency funds and close the cap tight. Then keep the bottle back into place where it belongs. With this cough syrup bottle back with other medicine it's not going to be a place people will think to look.

5. Food Container - A regular food container are the excellent place to hide your stuff, empty the container and put your valuable stuff OR emergency funds in a envelop, and put all the material back in the container and then put a lid on back to the place.

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