Life Hacks With Rubber Bands




Intro: Life Hacks With Rubber Bands

7 life hacks with rubber bands! Enjoy the video!

Step 1: Read of the Book

Just take a rubber, wrap it around your finger and you can turn the pages easy.

Step 2: The Bookmaker

Use rubber band as bookmaker

Step 3: The Eraser

Use a rubber band as eraser

Step 4: Unlocked Lock

Wrap a rubber band handle to handle so that keeps the bolt flat.

Step 5: Cover Stay Put

Drag rubber bands between pot handle and lid handle to keep lid cover stay put.

Step 6: For Cutting Board

Can dive a cutting board better grip by wrapping rubber bands.

Step 7: Card-keeper

Use a rubber band in your car.



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    doo da do

    1 year ago

    i have used them for the sun visor.