Life Proof Case Money Clip

Introduction: Life Proof Case Money Clip

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Ok I really hate carrying wallets.. I always seem to misplace them along with my keys so every morning is like a hunting expedition.

For a while my wallet was about 3 inches thick.. I'm pretty sure it was giving me back problems.. Anyways a while ago in a long contest from now i made an iphone wallet.. with money clip and a bottle opener. I really love this wallet.. it gave me a spot for 2 credit cards an ID.. no more searching for it in the morning since i know where my phone is at all the time.

Anyways regular 3d printed gives me enough protection but for some of my friends they want the ease of the iphone wallet but the protection of the lifeproof case..  I hate bulky wallets with a passion but i kind of like the lifeproof case.. it gives you a lot of the protection without all the bulk.. So adding just a few millimeters to get rid of your walllet is worth every mm.

Anyways i was able to finish this clip just in time for this contest.. hopefully i can win this 3d Printer.. since i it seems like i can't ever win anything in here!!

anyways please check out my other instructables.. please vote for me and hopefully you guys like my design!!

also if you want to buy the prototype you can buy it here

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Step 1: Measure Your Lifeproof Case / Create Dummy Phone

Step one:

Lifeproof cases don't have the curve or exact measurements needed for 3d printing online.. I know 99%of manufacturers don't!! so you going to need your caliper.. a lot of test prints and a lot of patience. So1st step is.. Measure your lifeproof case.. buttons.. bumpers.. bevel.. curve.. etc..

Once you have such measurements you need to create a dummy phone with a case in order to be able to model around it.. the bevel is important because i used it to keep it in place.. also i tried to keep it as small and less intrusive as possible.

Learning 123 Design was very interesting.. i really like some of the features like hard shell and bevel. it was a bit hard but it became very easy after a little bit..

It's a great program.. and it's FREE!!

Step 2: Model Your Wallet Clip Attachment

This is where it gets fun.. you can model all you want but honestly you going to need a couple of test prints to really get it right.. 

at 1st it was too tight.. i didn't account for the small bumper under the phone, then i kinda cored one of the buttons..  Then when i thought i was done.. i needed to make it larger so i could fit more cards since 2 cards was not enough.

Also you need to make sure you don't block the headphone hole.. make sure the door is able to open so you can charge your phone.. and don;t block the speakers.. Fun FUN FUN.

i kind of made all those mistakes... so keep those in mind..

Step 3: 3d Print 3d Print

3d print 3d print 3d print 3d print 

till you get it right.. i'm still waiting for my last couple of prints... so i'll post pics when they come back..

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    4 years ago

    Could you email me the stl file, I'm not that good at designing things, much appreciated.