Lifesize Stargate for Sci-Fi Valley Con


Introduction: Lifesize Stargate for Sci-Fi Valley Con

This is a lifesize Stargate that I built for Sci-Fi Valley Con last May 2012 in Ebensburg, PA. Its made from a trampoline frame, foam, and lots of drylock paint.



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    Very cool!

    Wow would be a nice gate for quad racing!


    wow i was looking for sci fi props for my costume for sci fi valley con this year and i found this instructable. What a coincidence

    That's a great build, thanks for posting it.

    (You ought to make that "instagram" type image your starting image - it will make a more attractive thumbnail, and attract more views.

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    That's bananas! Trampoline frame - that's an odd thing to come by, and a perfect solution! I mean, what else could you do with it besides this, right?