15 Life and Beauty Hacks




Introduction: 15 Life and Beauty Hacks

About: Hey guys!!! My name is Stesha!! I am a Youtuber and I love DIYS!!! I Hope you guys find my DIY videos useful and tell me if you tried any of them out!!!

I love hacks that make life easier!! So I thought I would share with the world some of my favorite life and beauty hacks!! These all work and I love them and use them ALL the time!! Try them out I promise they will change your life for the better!!

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Step 1: Hack #1

The first beauty hack is to warm up your eyelash curler before you use it. This will make your eyelashes appear longer and hold longer as well!!! But please be careful! The eyelash curler does get hot and I don't want you to burn of your eyelids!!!

Step 2: Hack #2

If you suck at applying mascara and you usually end up painting your lids black like me then don't worry because I have a hack that will save your life. Take a spoon and put it on your eyelid and apply your mascara onto your eyelashes over the spoon! No more messing up your eyeshadow and your eyelashes will be fully coated!!

Step 3: Hack #3

If you hate opening key rings with your fingers then this is the hack for you. Simply use a staple remover to open the ring without braking a nail!! Its so simple!!! You must be thinking "why didn't I think of that?". I know I thought the same thing.

Step 4: Hack #4

If your always loosing your hair ties than out them on a clip to make sure you don't ever loose those bad boys again!!

Step 5: Hack #5

For those of us who wear tights I have a life saving hack. If you ever find a hole in your tights big or small, coat the ends of the hole to make sure it doesn't spread any more!

Step 6: Hack #6

The worst thing that can happen to a girl is for her favorite nail polish to dry shut. An easy fix is to take a rubber band and rap it around the cap and it instantly becomes a grip for you to open your nail polish.

Step 7: Hack #7

I bare bad news for all of us who use bobby pins. If you have been putting in your bobby pins with the flat side down that is the wrong way. The actual way to use them is to have the jagged side face down this insures a stronger grip in your hair preventing the bobby pin to fall out.

Step 8: Hack #8

If your bobby pins still fall out then try spraying them with some hair spray. This should give them an extra hold onto your hair.

Step 9: Hack #9

Baby hairs are the worst. They stick out and look so bad. If you have a hard time controlling your baby hairs take a teasing brush or a brand new tooth brush or any other brush with thick bristles and spray it with hair spray, then brush your baby hairs back. You will be left with nice slicked back hair.

Step 10: Hack #10

If your favorite mascara is starting to dry out DONT throw it away just yet. Put the mascara in a bowl of hot water and leave it in there for a few minuets. Then take it out and it will be like brand new! You can get a few more uses out of your mascara until you buy a new one!!

Step 11: Hack #11

If you need to instantly dry your nails because your in a hurry or you just hate waiting for your nails to dry , then take a bowl of cold water and put your wet nails into the bowl. This drys your nails instantly! But be careful they might not be completely dry.

Step 12: Hack #12

If your running out of shelf space then take your jeans of the shelf! Hang them up using a shower hook. Not only will you have more space in your closet but you will be able to see what pair of jeans you want without messing up other pairs of jeans.

Step 13: Hack #13

Save the tabs from sad cans! Use them to make more space in your closet by hanging up outfits together!!

Step 14: Hack #14

If your clothes keep slipping off of your hangers then make your own no slip hangers with rubber bands. Just rap the rubber bands on the ends of the hanger for a no slip hanger!!

Step 15: Hack #15

If you don't own a racer back bra then don't you fear. Make your own using a paper clip and combining the stars in the back!!!

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    Mewsic Rox
    Mewsic Rox

    3 years ago

    Excellent helpful life hacks. Thanks for sharing.


    3 years ago

    I'd be happy to proofread for you for free, no obligation. I'm a retired English teacher.


    3 years ago

    Very impressive! I put my mascara (without the wand) in the microwave when it starts to dry out or get low. Works great